Monday, May 28, 2007

The results are in.

I will cut to the chase and then give the details. I finished 44 out of 55 in the duathlon this past Saturday. I really thought I would be last when I decided to do the race, and would have been fine with that. My chip time was 1:39:05, which oddly enough was almost the same as my 1:39:50 I got at the Broad Street 10 mile run a few weeks ago.

So here are the particulars.

First run was to be a 2 mile run. Well the results say I ran 15:27 for a 7:44 pace. Trust me when I tell you I can't run a 7:44 mile if my life depended on it. Bottom line is we all ran the same course so no harm no foul, but for a USAT sanctioned event I was surprised. I was 46 out of 55 after the first leg of the race.

Then the 12 mile bike time was 49:08 which comes out to 14.7 mph. I was very happy with that result. That was good for 45 out of 55.

The last leg was a 3 mile run and my time was 32:54 or 10:58 pace. That I believe as I know I was very tired at this point. That was good for 43 out of 55. Add in the transition times and you get to my total.

So there you go I now have a PR to try and beat next race. Oh yeah there will be another one of these.


Bigun said...

Nice! Great place to start - now get in the pool so you don't have to do all that running!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Most Excellent!! Congratulations! that time on a Du and your 10k wasn't far off? You really stepped it up for the DU!!

bigmike600 said...

NICE JOB. Especially on the bike you have. That means you were really giving it some gas. That makes it hard on the 2nd run. I think you did great for your first du. I am thinking like the bigun and am going to start swimming now to eliminate one of those runs.