Saturday, May 26, 2007

Doing the DU

So I was kicking around trying a local Sprint Triathlon that was scheduled for this morning. The distances were ¼ mile swim (open water), 12 mile bike, and 3 mile run. All by them self doable distances for me. Well to be honest I haven’t swam in years so I don’t know if I could have done the swim or not. So kicked it around for a few weeks and as mentioned in previous post’s I started riding the bike again after the 10 mile Broad Street Run.

So after talking to a few people one friend in particular, Ron, who has a Ironman under his belt. It was decided that I probably should not attempt this until I get some laps in a pool. This decision was made Wednesday, so I decided to still go for the Sprint Duathlon. So I did some research online and gathered as much info as I could about doing a Duathlon and off I went this morning to the event. Here is where it is good that I have a sense of humor. I pull up in my mini van and pull out my Raleigh Hybrid (beat up I might add) with the fat tires and all. People next to me with what I would image were a couple thousand dollar bikes. But you know I could care less, 18 months ago I was 330 pounds and could barely walk ½ mile without being out of breath. But yes I did get many looks my direction.

I went and signed up for the race and proceeded to go to the “Transition” area. I looked at the other bikes and tried to put mine on the racks like the other people did. It appeared to be steady and in place. It’s funny because they call it a transition area but they might as well have called it a place for my bike to wait for me since I did not transition. I biked with the same shoes I ran in and didn’t use the area for anything other than to get my bike and drop it off for the last run. Now I just stretch a little and get ready for the race.

It appeared there were about 200 people doing the Tri and about 55 doing the Du. Gun sounded and the swimmers hit the water and I started running with the runners. I started in the back of the pack like I always do, but felt really good about my first 2 mile run. If I knew my time I would tell you but I don’t have the official results and if I looked at my watch I don’t remember what it said. It may be a good time to mention that even though I have ran the past year and biked the last few weeks I have yet to do them one after the other (which my friend Ron told me I should do before entering the Du). Who am I to listen to a guy that completed an Ironman. So I get to the transition area and I see my bike on the ground and the guy next to me looking annoyed at me. I said sorry if my bike hit yours and he gave me a look. So I looked back and nothing happened from that. I might be 20 years removed from my High School wrestling days but I know a move or two still. So off I go on the bike.

Bike was going good but I am getting past by everyone with their big money bikes (that knowing me I will have in a month). But I am moving along steady, I hit a few hills and got through them. At the turn around at mile 6 I feel really good so I turn it up and believe it or not start passing some people, yeah I know these are not the lead racers but hey I feel good. Back up and down the hills until I get to the end of the bike ride. Back to the transition area to drop off the bike and start running. Wow I guess this is where training would have helped. Yeah the mind is telling the legs to go but the legs don’t want to listen.

So I have 3 miles of running (jogging) to go. I know I will not quit but I am not going to kill myself either. So off for some slow miles. By the way stupid thing number 4, 5, 6 who is counting? I am on the course about 1:08:00 and I have not had any water. I run races where they give you water every time you turn around but know you see Dan the two cup holders attached to your bike they are for water bottles. So I am thirsty and tired but lets get it done. I start jogging and now most people are passing me on this part of the run but I am cool with that I just want to finish this. About mile 1.5 of the last 3 mile run was a water stop that I walked through. I mention that I walked through because in all my “5” previous running races I had not stopped at the water stops just took the cup and drank as I ran. Not today. Go up about 50 yards to the turn around and come back and grab some more water (walking again). Now just jogging slow and getting through this thing. See the finish line and run through it. My Polar HR watch said 1:40:10 but their official clock said 1:41:??. Usually the other way around but not sure how that worked since I hit my watch at the gun. Oh well.

Plenty of good drinks and eats after the race. Very happy I challenged myself to do this and glad it is over.


Bigun said...

Welcome to Multi-sport! People dont' care what you ride on, just that you ride and finish. My first race was a Du also, and I decided then and there that running 2x in one race was one time too many, and only Tri now. Keep it up!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Dan - You should have seen Bigun's bike when he did his first Du - It was ancient. I mean ancient as in from 1977. In the car world, that's considered and antique. But it got him where he wanted to go. he even set up a little "paint station" in the garage to give it a custom paint job. He trained and raced on that for the better part of a year before he got his Felt. You did awesome, starting is half the battle. Now that you've started, you'll find it impossible to stop. Welcome to the world of Multi Sport. You are now, officially, a junkie. ;)

Jenny (J-Wim) said...

You caught tri fever!
It's easy to get bike envy at these races, happens to us all the time. Usually we stop at the bike shop to get something we saw at a race shortly after getting home from one.
The jelly legs gets better with some practice - just work on your bricks.