Monday, September 15, 2008

The Treadmill review - Horizon T1200

Kim and I decided that we needed a treadmill with our schedules (Kim's very busy schedule). We decided that $1,000 would be our limit. I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and saw one I liked. Yes it was the Horizon T1200. After tax it would be about $1,200 and I didn't know it I would be be able to get it home (this box was huge). So I came home and checked Dicks on line to see how much with shipping. Looking at about $1,300 at this point. More than we talked about, but as Kim knows when I see what I want it usually ends up in our house (have I ever mentioned how great Kim is?).

I decided to check E-Bay to see if any were being sold, before shelling out the $1,300. I find that Horizon is selling reconditioned ones. These are being shipped directly from Horizon and they have a great E-Bay rating. So I thought, yeah I can trust this. I lost one in the last minute of bidding, so decided to just do the buy it now option. And since it was less than $900 (shipping including in this price) I decided to take the extended warranty and still got it all for less than $1,000.

I used paypal and it was being shipped a day later. Got a call a few days later that they would deliver the next day. I dreaded putting this beast together but Jeff told me he has a Horizon and putting it together was not that bad but that it weights a ton. So I put it together right in the garage which was where it was going to stay (since Kim vetoed the family room - in her defense I currently have the bike trainer in the family room.

Jeff was right it really was not hard to put together at all.

Today I took my first run on it and I love it. Very sturdy, and quiet. Love the built in Ipod player also.

So if anyone is looking for a very good treadmill and is not worried about a reconditioned one I would highly recommend E-Bay, they are constatnly selling them on there.


TNTcoach Ken said...

So we'll be getting reports of some great treadmill running in the upcoming months?

Marcy said...

Thanks for the review Dan :-)

Jeff said...

Great review, Dan. Use it in good health.

Trishie said...

Awesome -- enjoy your new tmill. Very cool that you got the whole thing for under $1K including shipping!

"danny" said...

I agree...Kim is really great!

J~Mom said...

Very cool!!!

Pat said...

I figure if I need to run on the mill, I can just come over to your garage. Right?

Sandra said...


I am thinking about buying a Horizon T1200 Treadmill and I was wondering how you like the one you bought recently. You have been using it now for about 2 months. Do you like it? Has it held up? Have you had any problems with it? I would appreciate a reply if you have time! Thank you!

Dan Seifring said...


I am very happy with the treadmill, only a few months with it but it is a very sturdy treadmill. I bought the extended warranty with it just in case but at this point don't know if I will need it.

I still highly recommend it.

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