Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to the 40th birthday.

Like my training, my blog post's have been very sporadic. So let me go back to last weekend when I was celebrating my 40th birthday (actual birthday is Nov. 4th). So as previously mentioned we were celebrating with friends in Atlantic City. The plan was to meet everyone at Bobby Flay's restaurant for dinner and then after dinner maybe some drinks and/or gambling.

Including myself and Kim there were to be 12 of us for the night. In-laws were watching the kids so we were crashing at The Villa (Sea View Marriott) with two friends of mine, Lu Anne and Mari. I have known Lu and Mari for almost 20 years now, 7 years longer than I know Kim. So apparently there is a great spa where we were staying, and since we were getting there early all the girls were going to the spa for one thing or another.

Now you really have to understand something here. I have never even had a massage in my 39+ years. But since this was a special day/weekend I agreed to get the massage. And this is where it gets a little crazy, trust me I agreed to this part kicking and screaming (the girls see it differently but guess what they don't have a blog). I agreed to get a SPORTS pedicure. Hey what can I tell you, these feet take a pounding and they needed some love and the bottom line is it had SPORTS in its name. I am not going to lie to you it felt great. Got the feet done first and then finished with my first massage. Again that felt great as well. This picture was pre service.

After all the pampering we got car service to drive us the 8 miles to the Borgata for the night. Everyone meet at Bobby Flay's (one friend called that he was running way late and would miss dinner - his loss). We had great food, drinks, and conversation. It was great to catch up with great friends. As we mature and our families grow, time with friends seem to be the time that suffers the most. So I was very happy to celebrate this way with good people. If I do this right I will try to post just some more pictures from the night.

I have told her already, but I really have to thank Kim for making this night possible.

This is me and my friend Tom. We have been friends for 30 years now.

Friend Eric and I. Friends for about 28 years.

Me and my Baked Alaskan. Yes it was good.

Kim and I after dinner.

Me and Luanne

Me and Mari (Lu and Mari are twins)

Me, Matt (more on him in future post), and his girl friend.

Amy and Mike, friends from our old neighborhood.

Amy, Mary Lou (Tom's wife), and Kim

Me the next morning at breakfast.


Ted said...

No question about having a pedicure or getting a sports massage. It helps tremendously. You deserve it. Happy Birthday to you - even tho - its till Nov. 4th. I love Borgata. Terrific place. I even stayed at the corner suite which is awesome!!! Borgata RULES !!!! Hope you had Filet Mignon at Bobby Flay with martini.

BTW, I was unable to view the pictures. I am not sure if its my computer or your blog. Darn !!!

Jeff said...

I can't believe they have the nerve to put SPORTS and PEDICURE next to each other. Shouldn't be legal.

Sounds like a great time, Dan. Happy Birthday!

Pat said...

messages are great. Sounds like you had a blast and you look great in the pictures.

You're gonna have to do it all over again in november.

Viv said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like a fantastic time!! I love the SPORTS pedicure..LOL! I pedi is still a pedi buddy :-)

Cheryl said...

Happy early Birthday, Dan! I do believe you are aging backwards -- you know what I mean -- looking younger! Looks like a great celebration. Bobby Flay - Yum!
Loved that you got a SPORTS pedicure. :-) Some of us girls have never done the whole massage and pedi thing, either. But I'm sure it's a good thing.

Pokey said...

What a great birthday celebration!!!! My hubby turns 40 in a couple weeks, and my kids and I are having a surprise "kid party" for him at Peter Piper Pizza!!! It is going to be a HOOT! We have 50+ adults coming to this kid joint for surprise's gonna be hilarious!

Your celebration was much more classy and mature ;)

Happy almost-birthday!! And you look GREAT!!!!!!

Rob said...

Happy upcoming Birhday.

Trishie said...

Sports pedicure - love it! Happy birthday, Dan -- you look fantastic in your photos!