Monday, May 19, 2008

2008 Week 20

Week 20

05/12/2008 - 05/18/2008

Swim - 3,400 yards - 1 hr 30 min (3 workouts) 2 pool workouts and then jumped in the lake where the HIM is going to be after my bike ride. Very choppy and cold. First time using the wetsuit and only did about 400 yards and was in the water for about 20 minutes.

Bike - 48 miles - 3 hrs 30 min (2 workout) Got one trainer ride and one outside ride. Outside ride was one loop of the Black Bear bike course. My plan was to do both loops but we messed up and went too far on the first loop and I really was not looking forward to doing the hills a 2nd time. This was by far the hardest ride I have ever done.

Run - 9.2 miles - 1 hrs. 32 min. (2 workouts) Again got out in the morning for two weekday runs. Was supposed to run after the Black Bear ride but decided to swim instead. Hills on the bike took too much out of me.

Notes - I rested Friday and Sunday this week. I would have called this a good week but not doing all 56 on Saturday was really a downer to me. At this point I am about 80/20 still doing the HIM but part of me feels like I should drop to the Sprint. I kind of wish there was a Olympic distance option, but there is not.

Two weeks out from the Black Bear Half Distance Triathlon. Still healthy and injury free but not confident after riding the one loop. Not afraid of getting hurt but just not being able to finish in the time limit. I have a lot to think about in the next two weeks.


IronTriTim said...

Great job on the open water swim. Keep trying to get experience in the open water with a wetsuit it will really help reduce the nerves. I can remember my first open water swim thinking what have I done, how will I ever finish? I now much prefer open water to pool swims.

J~Mom said...

Oh boy, I hate those decisions. It sure seems like you have put the time into training for the half but as you know I almost backed out of my Oly distance two weeks ago.

SUB6 said...

Seems such a shame to drop the half. You'll be fine (easy for me to say I know) ... go for it - I'm cheering for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Dan, good luck with that tough decision. I'm hoping you'll do the half, but easy for me to say. I'll be rooting for you whichever race you decide on!

Marcy said...

Ooooo this is a toughy!! I wish I had some words of advice :-/ No matter what, we'll be cheering for you ;D ;D

Tri-Bob said...

Tough call here...don't want to try a 1/2 unless feeling good about chances to finish. I guess I'd go for the sprint, as, based on what I've observed from your posts, you probably should wait for the 1/2. Do the sprint and regroup for a later in season 1/2. To be candid, for a 1/2, you need 2o miles weekly of run, a few good 50 mile bikes at a good pace, plus the ability to swim a mile in open water.

Hey, any chance you can join me tomorrow night (5/22) at Wenonah Lake, for a good open water swim? You will need to get a few of these in regardless of which race you choose, and this is a good place to do a conservative one...let me know and maybe we can meet!