Monday, May 5, 2008

2008 Week 18

Week 18

04/28/2008 - 05/04/2008

Swim - 4,900 yards - 2 hrs (3 workouts) Going to continue with fins for two more weeks and then ditch them two weeks before the race.

Bike - 41.5 miles - 2 hrs 30 min (1 workout) Only got one ride in but I made the most of it. Got to ride some hills (not like the hills I will see at Black Bear).

Run - 14.25 miles - 2 hrs. 25 min. (4 workouts) The good here is that I did 2 weekday morning runs. I found a running partner in the morning so that helps.

Lifting/Core - 0 minutes ( 0 workouts)

Notes - Four weeks to the race. I feel better about it this week then last. I will try to go hard (or long) for 3 weeks and taper the last.

The ride I took last night (Sunday) matched my longest ride ever. The difference this time was I felt good, and felt I could go longer. I could have even run when I got done if I had to. I remember the first time I did that distance (last September) I was dead after that ride.


Marcy said...

Whoooaaa 41 miles on the bike? Dannngg!

IronTriTim said...

Certainly on the right track for your 1/2 IM.

Iron Eric said...

Got to love those long rides...except they keep getting longer and longer and longer.

Then, when you think you've had enough, they keep getting longer. LOL. very true.

Keep up the good work and happy riding.

J~Mom said...

Looking good!!

Jeff said...

41 miles -- very nice!

Thought you might be doing Broad Street again. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

Dan - great job on a 41-mile ride! I'm curious - where are you finding hills to ride?


monica said...

hey dan!!!

finally getting caught up with all my blog peeps. a month away from half iron?? woooo hoooooo!!!! you're training has been solid, so you'll rock it. then, we finnd out if we got into nyc marathon!!!!