Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2008 Week 19

Week 19

05/05/2008 - 05/11/2008

Swim - 3,100 yards - 1 hr 20 min (2 workouts) Last week with fins then I will ditch them two weeks before the race. I do love the fins.

Bike - 45.5 miles - 2 hrs 51 min (2 workout) Got one trainer ride and one outside ride. Outside ride was a nice easy pace with a few from my Tri Team.

Run - 15.43 miles - 2 hrs. 35 min. (3 workouts) Again got out in the morning for two weekday runs.

Lifting/Core - 0 minutes ( 0 workouts)

Notes - Not a bad week for giving myself two days off.

Three weeks out from the Black Bear Half Distance Triathlon. Feel good at this point, under trained but (knock on wood) healthy and injury free.

This is a big week as I am going up to the course on Saturday with about 7 others from Tri Team to ride the full bike and run about 40 minutes after the ride. Some are even talking about jumping in the water while we are up there. I may give myself off Wed, Fri, and Sun. this week. Friday I may just go for a swim at night.


J~Mom said...

3 weeks out already! That went fast!

Cheryl said...

Hope you have a great time this weekend checking out the course. It looks like a great place to do a triathlon.