Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dane Patterson - Marathoner?

Well I was very happy to see that Dane from the Biggest Loser finished a marathon after getting voted out of the Biggest Loser house. So I did some searching on-line (boy I love the Internet). And it turns out I am not so sure he did finish a marathon. Not without the help of a CAR. In my searches I came across this blog, check out her last paragraph from her post. She did finish the marathon.

Why does NBC feel the need to lie to us?


Pat said...

I'm looking for it too. I'm a member of the ARR, who's banner he ran under. I can't find him as runner 292 anywhere.

Did you have a link? I can't find it.

Pat said...

I found the link. She ran the Desert Classic Marathon on Jan 31st.

Dane and his wife are not on the final results.

So sad.

FLYERS26 said...

That smacks in the face of every person who ever dedicated themselves to train and run a marathon!
Finishing a marathon is the highlight of my running, and for someone to claim they did it, and reap all the bennys, that's not right. I hope the lie eats him up inside.

Donald said...

Good find there. This thread has livened up a slow afternoon for me!

it will be interesting to see if NBC does any sort of disclaimer or apology. A lot of people probably feel like one is owed.

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