Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Blogger

Just want to take a second to introduce a new blogger. His name is Matt and his blog is here. I met Matt at the local pool about 9 months ago (give or take a month). He has probably lurked your blog so stop by and say hello to him if you get a minute. He is currently training for his first Marathon in November (Philly). And after that he will start his training for IMKY 09. Yes Matt is tackling an Ironman next year. I will do my best to help him when I can with his workouts. He is younger and faster than me so like I said I will do my best.

Good luck Matt.


Marcy said...

Thanks Dan! Heading on over ;-)

Trishie said...

welcome Matt!

Viv said...

welcome matt i will stop by, love those ironmen in training. ok on the not being bad tip.

Pokey said...

You'll be a great mentor Dan!!

Howdy Matt!