Monday, June 2, 2008

Triathlon # 2 in the books

Full report to follow but I did finish the Black Bear Sprint Tri yesterday.

Distance were 750 METER SWIM, 17.7 MILE BIKE, 3.5 MILE RUN

In my head (knowing the hills) I was hoping to break 2:30. I ended up 2:25:57 here is a link to the OFFICIAL RESULTS. In the results they give you your swim and T1 together. This sucks because transition is about 300 yards away (I walked most of it) and I would love to know how I did just in the swim.

I finished 361 out of 442. And 16th out of 21 Clydesdale's. And for the record it says I am 40, they take your age for the year. I do not turn 40 until November 4th. I am holding on to 39 as long as I can.


Marcy said...

CONGRATS DAN!! I look forward to this report :-)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job tri-geek!

JD Active Runner said...

Awesome! Congrats Man!!

I never tried a Triathlon. I bet it is brutal.

How is the weather?

It is HOT here!

J~Mom said...

Congratulations!! Looking forward to the report!

SUB6 said...

Congratulations! Come join us in the 40s :) haha